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Deny Them the Data: Naison on Fighting the Common Core

Fordham University professor and co-founder of The Badass Teacher’s Association, Dr. Mark Naison, speaks out against the Common Core in this February 4th talk in Cortlandt Manor, New York.

Naison discusses the Common Core “stealth attack” on teachers, students, and communities, in which Common Core has been handed down by the collusion of government and corporate powers without the consent or even the input of the ordinary citizens it affects – students, teachers, parents, and their communities.

Naison notes that when the teachers, parents, and students who are impacted by the Common Core have spoken out or questioned the new national standards, they’ve been treated with contempt and ignored by the corporate and government powers that be, who have never taught in public schools and whose children do not attend public schools.

Corporate entities stand to make a nice profit from this particular brand of education “reform,” as do the political players that are funded by these corporations.

How can educators, parents and teachers reject such blatant corporate and government profiteering on the backs of our public school children and their teachers? How can we defend democracy and make it known that our voices matter in decisions about our schools that our children attend in our communities?

“The one thing this whole system thrives on is data. They need the data to make this thing work. Deny them the data, they cannot have a national curriculum. They cannot have an educational dictatorship,” explained Naison.

Read more about the Opt-Out movement and how to opt out your children from excessive corporate standardized testing here. View Dr. Naison’s talk below.